Dartmouth Galleries Week

Every Autumn the galleries in Dartmouth open late to allow visitors an opportunity to focus their browsing on the art, offering their best work and refreshment for our entertainment (and hopefully to make some sales of course).

This year’s galleries week runs from Friday 17th to 25th October, though some galleries will be open late for even longer. There is a crossover of events with the food festival – in my experience it is best to designate your driver before you start as it’s easy to underestimate the drinks and nibbles you consume at the galleries along the way.

The participating galleries vary a little each year, but in 2014 they stretch from Browns Hill Arts at one end of the town centre to D’Art Gallery at the other.

This year we particularly enjoyed the pieces at Glass!! (sadly no longer in business), the witty and intricate paintings by James Stewart at Coombe Gallery and the usual wit and puns at Simon Drew, all within a few yards or each other on Foss Street. Simon’s map of the participating galleries is shown below; full details at the galleries week website.


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