Fish And Chips

I know there are statistics claiming curry as Britain’s “national dish” today, measured by volume, but surely fish and chips has to be top of the list when you go to the seaside. And these days, Dartmouth is arguably the best place to enjoy this simple but effective piece of Britishness.

I was reminded of this when a recent episode of the BBC Food Programme focussed on Fish and chips, and featured Mitch Tonks, the man who has done much for both quality sustainable fish cuisine, and also for Dartmouth. Apart from his flagship restaurant The Seahorse (see our separate blog), he opened Rockfish a few doors away – a fantastic fish and chip restaurant on the quayside, taking potatoes and batter to a new level – their tagline is “Fish so fresh, tomorrow’s are still in the sea”. You can’t book a table as such, but if you’re prepared to wait nearby they’ll text you when a table becomes free. Just for good measure there’s a Rockfish takeaway round the corner, if you’d prefer to sit on the quayside itself (just watch out for the seagulls!)

Outside Dartmouth, I think the undisputed king of Fish and chips lies at Torcross on Slapton Sands (just 8 miles / 25 mins away), namely the Start Bay Inn. They also specialise in fish fresh from the sea. They don’t take bookings either, but if they’re full and you can’t wait, a close second choice at Torcross is The Boathouse.

And just to be fair and balanced, you CAN get a good curry in Dartmouth, either at The Taj Mahal or at Spice Bazar

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