Gurgle Jugs

The building at the head of Warfleet Creek known as “The Pottery” has been many things from a brewery to a commando barracks, but became a pottery in 1948, making tableware. The gurgle jug, or gurlging jug design dates back 150 years to potteries in Staffordshire, but first appeared at Dartmouth in the mid 50s and was produced in varying numbers right up to 2002 when Dartmouth Pottery closed and moved to Torquay, though a gurgle jug design is now made by Wade, back in Staffordshire. See Torquay Pottery Facebook page for more details.

Personally, I think gurgle jugs are hideous, but they ARE iconic, so when friends gave us one as a memento, we put it in the lounge at the apartment.

As a footnote to the story, it is possible to decorate your own fish jug at China Blue ceramic studios in Totnes (see photo below). Although it’s not an authentic design, it is a great way to entertain kids on a wet day. The Cafe is very good too.

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