A Walk Into town

People have asked what the walk into town from the Pottery is like: is it far? is it steep? is it nice? Of course, I always say that it’s about 15 minutes, with a bit of a slope up then down, and the views en route are fabulous. But in case guests need further convincing, I’ve put together this slideshow.

The front door to No1 is on Warfleet Creek Road.

You can walk up the road from the creek past the car park, then turn right along Warfleet Road towards town.

Alternatively you can walk down the road towards the Creek….

…. and climb the steps by the viaduct up to the road.

Turn left at the top of the steps towards Warfleet Road.

Walk up the slope towards town.

A look back at the Pottery.

The road continues to climb gently….

…. with a raised pavement ….

…. which allows you to take in the views of Dartmouth town, the Naval college…

…. the river traffic and Kingswear.

Another look back down the slope. This is the highest point in the walk.

The road now slopes gently back down towards the town.

Spare a thought for those who help keep us safe out on the water.

If you need a rest, look out for the public WC….

…. just below is a quiet place to sit and enjoy the view.

Look over the walls along the road and marvel at some of the fabulous houses along the bank.

Carry on down the rest of the road to the town.

A look back up that last stretch.

Alternatively, take the scenic route. Look out for the steps a little way past the public WC.

The steps are a little steep….

…. but at the bottom ….

…. though the arch, and ….

…. you are in the old fort.

Walk out of the fort and you are on the quayside at Bayards Cove. Keep walking….

…. and you’re in the town.

You can look back at the route you’ve taken.

Google Maps¬†reckons the walk to be 12 minutes – perhaps I’m spending too long looking at the scenery. On the way home (if you’re feeling athletic) look out for St Petrox Steps – this is the old edge of Dartmouth.

The steps take you up to the Above Town road which climbs back down to Warfleet Road – the views are even more majestic.

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