Eating out in Totnes

Aside from Dartmouth, there are many good restaurants in other South Hams towns. Totnes (which you will probably pass on the way to or from Dartmouth) is both a picturesque Elizabethan market town, and a genuinely forward thinking community, focussed on the arts, the environment, philosophy and alternative lifestyles – as typified by the Transition Town Totnes intitiative.

Totnes has a wide range of restaurants and eateries, with a clear tendency towards wholesome local produce and particularly vegetarian/vegan. There are cafes, such as Fat Lemons or the Curator Cafe on the Plains (the square at the bottom of town), or Tangerine Tree near the market square at the top. Further on up the Narrows (the road leading out at the top) there is Willow vegetarian restaurant, which has been running for decades.

If you want food AND music, check out the events at the quirky The Barrel House, or the Bay Horse pub.

Our personal favourite restaurant is Rumour with a great menu, especially the classy pizzas – it’s best to book though.

On the morning of the third Sunday each month, the market square hosts a fantastic food fair – we recommend you skip breakfast and eat there.

Too many other options to mention here but check out the listing at TotnesIndependents – That’s the main attraction: not a restaurant chain to be found!

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