Winestock 2013

What a great way to end the summer holidays!

We bought tickets for “Winestock” which was held semi-al fresco at the Oyster Shack on Sunday 8th September, organised by Red and White Wines, offering a great wine-tasting opportunity and lunch for £30. This may have seemed a big investment, but the weather was kind, the food was delicious and our hosts were generous with the wines. Liam Stevenson and his team did a great job presenting some masterclasses, and the Oyster Shack staff also made some cookery demonstrations. It was great to meet some local kindred spirits too, all enjoying the wines and sharing views, stories etc.

Stories are at the heart of Liam’s passion for wine, which really came across when we first met him about a year ago; his enthusiasm for each wine, the cultures and geography they come from is infectious and broadened our appreciation of wines and winemaking. We now offer a bottle of wine from Red and White Wines to our guests on arrival.

The Oyster Shack at Aveton Gifford is well known around the South Hams and I don’t know why we’ve not been there before – excellent seafood and especially fresh shellfish, if Sunday was anything to go by. Depending on the tide, visitors even have a scenic (or potentially hazardous) route to the restaurant along the riverside – don’t believe everything GoogleMaps tells you! It’s probably best to book a taxi, avoid the tide and enjoy the wine to the full.

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